A is for Axolotl

Imagine a creature that never grows up, can regenerate limbs without scars, and has a sort of slimy, alien-like cuteness.  Sounds like a critter you'd like to meet, right?  Ambystoma mexicanum, the axolotl, lives all over the world in aquaria but their only wild habitat is under severe threat.  Chances are that neither of us …

First (Human) Love

When kids reach a certain age they begin to wonder where they came from. I imagine the conversation that follows often starts with "Well, when a Mommy and a Daddy really love each other...". But [...]

Gradual Change

There is a war raging in the world over an idea first proposed by a bearded Englishman upon his return from South America. The idea, published 154 years ago, has been the centre of controversy pretty much ever since. In the majority of the world [...]

Giant American Ground Sloth: Awesome Extinct Animals, Pt 1

The word "Pleistocene" always reminds me of that malleable sculpture substance that is really good at getting stuck under fingernails.  That stuff, however, is plasticine and is not the topic of the 5-part series of posts that is coming your way. Pleistocene refers to the geological epoch from about 2.5 million years ago (mya) to …

Happiness and the Brain

This week's topic had me wondering: what's going on in our brains when we're happy? A little bit of quick research revealed what I believe to be some interesting findings that I will share with you [...]