Introducing: the ABCs of Interesting Things

And now for something completely different!

We’re going to start a journey tomorrow and it’s going to be a lot of fun.  I will creating a lot more content, advertising more widely, and (hopefully) totally revamping the character of this blog.  The blog won’t be completely different though. As you have come to expect from ThoughtfulPharaoh, some things will stay the same: top notch writing, attempts at humour, and three-item lists.

So what is this journey?  The concept is rather simple.  There are a lot of interesting stories to be found in the world of science and I am going to pick 26 of them, one for each letter of the alphabet, to share with you.  The stories will come to you from all over the spectrum of science and I’m going to try and experiment with a few different formats.  The only thing they’ll have in common is that I think they are interesting.

So starting tomorrow, we’ll take a journey through an alphabet of things I find interesting.  Come back here every Wednesday over the next 26 weeks and join in!

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