Hi, I’m Jon.

I’ve made this little corner of the internet so that I have a place for me to put some of my favourite science stories. I use it to hone my writing skills and I aim to present scientific stories in interesting and humorous ways. My goal with this blog is to make you think, “hmm, that’s neat!” I hope you like it!

For those who are curious about the name Thoughtful Pharaoh, it’s a play on my name, Jon Farrow. I am a science communicator in the UK, relatively fresh out of studies in Edinburgh, Scotland (MSc. Science Communication) and Hamilton, Ontario (Bachelor of Arts & Science).

I started this blog in 2012 as a place to put interesting astronomy coursework after it was done. Then it evolved into my contribution to a friend’s essay-a-week competition and in the summer of 2013 I started my first series: Awesome extinct animals. The blog went quiet for a while after that, until mid-way through my sci-comm degree, when I decided to write 26 articles, released once a week: the ABCs of Interesting Things.

I’ve recently started another weekly series: Thought for the Week.

Outside of the blog, I work at the Royal Institution as the Public Programme Producer, putting on science events for adults. I also do some video writing and presenting for the Ri YouTube channel.

I am always happy to hear from anybody who reads the blog and if you want to get in touch, leave a comment here or reach out on twitter (@farrowjon).  If you have a topic in mind that I haven’t covered yet, let me know and I’ll get to it asap.

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