The Great SleepJon

You can put your heart into this essay too, especially if you fall in love with everything that you do. That might be a mistake, though. Discuss those mistakes you just keep making over and over again.

Like most people, I enjoy sleeping.  Lying down after a long day, curling up with a blanket, and drifting off is one of the simple but great pleasures of this world.  When you are asleep, your body mends itself and your mind works to solve problems from the previous day.  Sleep is amazing.

Don’t get me wrong, I love being awake.  Of course I love being awake.  But that doesn’t mean I can’t love sleep too.  Consciousness, sleep, and I are in a polyamourous relationship.  We all coexist and it’s wonderful.  At least that’s what I say when I’m awake.

There is another part of me that only rears his head in the few minutes between sleep and consciousness.  Usually when the alarm is going off.  I like to call him the Great SleepJon.

The Great SleepJon is much like regular Jon, except that he doesn’t care about being late for class or work; he doesn’t care if it’s the 7th time he’s hit snooze; basically, he’s like a honey badger.  The Great SleepJon just don’t care.  The only thing the Great SleepJon wants is to return to the wonderful, magical state called sleep.  Sometimes the SleepJon will even cover his tracks by erasing the memory of turning off the alarm.

It’s easy to blame it all on the SleepJon and pretend like it’s not AwakeJon’s fault.  But the SleepJon is within AwakeJon and in order to become the Great AwakeJon, I need to tame the SleepJon.  Let him know that he’s not the boss of me.  Sleep feels good, but I need to pay more attention to the SleepJon and not let him press that snooze button more than twice (let’s not get hasty here, everyone needs a bit of snoozing).  Too often have I been late or rushing out the door because of my inability to get out of bed.  If the SleepJon will not cooperate, he will soon meet his doom.

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