I’m back!

Hello dear readers.

After nearly a year of neglect, I’m reactivating this blog. This Pharaoh is becoming Thoughtful again.

I haven’t been totally idle these last 10 months, though. I was busy with lots of different science communication projects that I figured I should update you on!

I wrote and presented videos for the Royal Institution, the final one of which you can watch here:

I also presented for the Science Channel’s new show, Strange Evidence. Unfortunately, to watch it legally you need to a) have a subscription and b) live in the US. This has the strange unintended consequence that even I don’t know what I said in it or which episodes I appear in!

Meanwhile, I was putting on events like these ones at the Royal Institution:

And, right before leaving Europe, I went on a big adventure through 13 countries. Here are some of my favourite pictures, but you can see more on my Instagram page.

Now I’m back in Canada and on the job hunt. Which means I’ve got a bit more spare time than usual, so that means more science coming your way soon!

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