A Thoughtful Year

Hello dear readers,

Like I wrote back in September, 2017 will involve more writing here than 2016 did. No more excuses, no more “I don’t have time”. I’ll make time to do what I like doing: writing interesting stories about science.

I was inspired by the amazing work my mom has been doing posting her paintings online, so I’m going to embark on another journey through science, technology and philosophy with a series I’m calling the Thought for the Week. I figured as the Thoughtful Pharaoh, I better start living up to my name.

Every Monday, I’ll post a short article with a musing or thought, with some research to back it up. Hopefully, just like the ABCs of Interesting Things, it’ll elicit a chuckle, a “hmmm”, or an “I’ve never thought of it like that”. If I’ve done my job right, the articles might just do all three.

The first thought goes up on Monday the 9th of January, so get your brains ready!

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