New Theme

I haven’t posted in a little while.  Last week I got busy and didn’t have time to reflect on the things I had learned in the previous week, and a reflection from the week before did not jive well with the blog format.  It involved graphs created in MS Word.  Wordpress did not like these graphs and so they did not make it onto my blog.  Suffice it to say that space-time diagrams are weird.  Also, they are awesome (in the true, “ERMAGERD my mind is being blasted out of my ears right now, I am in AWE of this phenomenon” way, not the “ohmagawd, that’s soo awesome!” way).  The part of the universe that falls outside of our light cones in called “The Elsewhere”.  I think that is really neat.  Also, a good friend of mine pointed out that the present doesn’t actually exist because the origin of the space-time diagram is infinitely small.  There is only the near past and the near future.

In the spirit of renewal, I changed my theme and I will soon post another reflection on something science related.  Also, I really didn’t like the old theme because I could only choose from a set of like 5 different pictures and I wanted to be able to put my own up.  I hope you enjoyed this and will enjoy the next posts.

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